Hengtai Team: Hengtai is an engineering and innovation company that improves the way cable machinery are made. We work with our customers to develop a robust product and process solution through prototyping and testing. We also provide production equipment to meet their unique needs and then support that equipment globally.


Reduce or eliminate down time, maximize performance, and proactively fix issues.

Our factory-trained team of service engineer will travel to your facility and provide comprehensive check-ups on your Hengtai Machines(s).

Check-Ups Include:

  • Pneumatic, Electrical, and mechanical evaluation

  • Quality checks

  • Machine Calibration

  • Recommended spare parts

  • A service history on the machine

  • Optional training/process review

Hands-On Trainning

Hands-on Technical training will keep your Hengtai Equipment running at peak performance.

With periodic employee turnover, ongoing training of machine operators and maintenance staff is vital. Hengtai Team will provide customized training to keep your equipment up and running properly.

Typical training includes:

  • Hands-on machine operation

  • Machine safety procedures

  • Process set-up & adjustments

  • Troubleshooting guidelines

  • Preventive maintenance recommendations

  • An additional copy of the owner's manual is avaliable upon request. 

Support Beyond The Machine


Before investing in a full cable machine assembly line, Hengtai designer engineer needed to be sure that the right technology for their application. To do this, cable specifications and requirements should be sent to the Hengtai’s related person. Then, engineers analysis to be sure that the cable should fit on the machines and what machines will be needed. Hengtai engineers would have made the technology solution.

Preventative Maintenance and On-Site Service Support:

Most recently, after Hengtai shipped the equipment line to Customer’s manufacturing plant, Hengtai’s support team helped on-site to ensure that the equipment was running as expected and to quickly resolve any issues that arose.

Hengtai's Service Team provides assistance with troubleshooting, process optimization, spare parts, and machine upgrades throughout the life of the equipment.

Continuing Support:

By making use of many of the services that Hengtai offers, we hope that we can serve you well in your future projects too. Do you see value in these services? Are there other services that you would find helpful? Get in touch and let us know.

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