Low Voltage (LV) Power Cable

LV Power Cable Production Line Require Machine:
Low-voltage cables: conductors that carry electrical or signal currents
Cables are conductors covered with insulating layers, protective layers, shielding layers, etc. used to transmit power or signal currents, signal voltages. According to the voltage, it can be divided into high-voltage cables and low-voltage cables. Compared with low-voltage overhead lines and low-voltage overhead insulated lines, although low-voltage cable lines are more expensive and difficult to lay and maintain, they are reliable in operation, do not erect poles, do not occupy the ground, are not unsightly, and are less affected by the outside world. characteristics, and are widely used in low-voltage power distribution systems.

Low voltage cable structure:

It consists of three parts: core, insulating layer and protective layer. The wire core is used to conduct current, and is generally formed by twisting multiple strands of copper wire or multiple strands of aluminum wire. There are several types of low-voltage cables, such as single-core, double-core, three-core, and four-core. Two-core cables are used for single-phase lines, three-core and four-core cables are used for three-phase three-wire lines and three-phase four-wire lines respectively, and single-core cables can be used for single-phase or three-phase lines as required. Commonly used low-voltage cables have core cross-sectional areas of 10, 16, 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240 mm, etc.


Insulation materials in cables with specific functions to withstand voltage. The insulation layer is divided into two types: core insulation and tape insulation: the insulation covered on the core is called core insulation; the insulation of the insulated cores of the multi-core cable combined together and then covered is called tape insulation. The insulation is separated from the protective layer to form a reliable ground insulation. The insulating layer is usually made of oil-impregnated paper, plastic, rubber, etc.

Low Voltage Power Cable Main Production Line Required Machine:


 Scope of supply


LH 450/13 drawing machine


ZL250 Medium drawing machine


GS 6/630 Tubular machine


SJ65+45 co-extrusion line


SJ100 Insulation line


KS 24/630 Screening line


SJ120 extrusion line



630mm bobbins

1000mm bobbins

1250mm bobbins

1600mm bobbins


High Voltage test set 0-10kV AC or 0-20kV DC to test up to 5km of cable


 Insulation Resistance Tester


Radial thickness project tester


Elongation tester

Whole Plant Production Line Layout:


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