Automatic Cable Coiling and Bundling Machine


Machine Main Feature:

1. Connect with the extrusion line for the non-stop cable coiling and binding operation.

2. Machine with Auto holding arm adjust system after finished coiling.

3. Machine can be connected with labeling machine.

4. Can also choose robot stacking system for full automatic running of the packing.

5. System with automatic detection function, when problem come out, the machine can auto detect the mistakes, and send message to warn the operator.

6. Operation control Method:Touch screen+PLC;

7. Machine design Line speed:Max200M/min;

8. Microcomputer memory can store 99 different specifications of wire coil. When you need to change the product

specifications, you just need to read the data of the stored specifications. No need to input again, and you can produce immediately.

9. Traverse device: by adopts Mitsubishi servo motor and synchronizes with the main machine of coiling.

10. Whole machine electrical circuit control: Mitsubishi microcomputer programmable controller (PLC).

11. Instrument and switch on the operation panel: touch screen, speed adjustment button.

12. Speed can be adjusted on the touch screen or the speed adjustment button.

13. The machine PLC has the power frequency sparker contact(the power frequency spark machine is provided by the customer)

14. Used for wire spark detection, automatic spark breakdown point or after manual marking can be continued coiling function.

15. If the diameter is not up to the requirement, the waste wire can be automatically eliminated or the coiling function can be continued after manual marking.

Technical Parameter:

ModelCoil Height (mm)Coil O.D (mm)Coil I.D (mm)Cable Dia. (mm)


SpeedRobot Auto Stacking
C1246 50-100240-460120-2001-10PVC2-2.6Coil/MCan be choosed
C186060-180200-600180-2505-15PVE1.5-2 Coil/MCan be choosed

Final Packing Sample:

Machine Running Video In Customers' Plant:

Layout of C1246 Packing Line:


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