Overhead Cables

ABC Overhead Cables

ABC cable: Aerial Bunch cable, which is widely used in underdeveloped areas abroad, and basically not used in China, including 1-core, 2-core, 3-core, 4-core: Covered line wire, Duplex service drop, Triplex service drop, Quadruplex Service Drop. Including all insulated wire cores, two insulated wire cores plus a bare conductor, three insulated wire cores plus a bare conductor, pure aluminum or pure aluminum and aluminum alloy twisted and so on.


It is suitable for overhead power lines with a rated voltage of 0.6/1kV and below, and can be used as a fixed laying or lead wire. It can also be used for low-voltage cable distribution.

ABC Overhead Cables Production Line Required Machine:


 Scope of supply


LH 400/13 AL rod drawing machine


WLDT1600 Double twist stranding machine


SJ120 extrusion line


1800 rewinding line

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