Double Twist Stranding Machine

Product description
Double Twist Stranding Machine, Double-twist buncher, Laying-Up Machine

Double Twist Stranding | Laying-Up Machine

1250 Double Twisting Machine:

1. Stranding cross-section: 9~50mm² CU/AL

2. Single diameter range of stranded copper and aluminum wire: φ1~φ2.6mm.

3. Lay length range: 30~350mm, infinitely adjustable.

4. Stranding direction: "S" direction (left spiral) or "Z" direction (right spiral) can be used.

5. Max. Speed: 0~500r/min, infinitely adjustable;

1600 Double Twisting Machine:

1. Inlet copper and aluminum wire wire: Φ1.0-3.6 mm/7-19 core; 

2. Inlet insulation wire:Φ2.0-10.0mm/2-5 core

3. Stranding wire diameter:Φ30mm MAX

4. Stranding cross section:10.0mm²-120mm² CU/AL

5. Stranding insulation wire diameter:Φ15mm MAX;-Stranding pitch:15-550mm;

6. Max speed:500rpm/min.(1000TPM);

Layout Of Double-Twisting Line:

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