Drum Twister

Drum Twister


1. Round and sector conductors;

2. Cable screening;

3. the armouring of cables with round and flat wires;

4. Manufacture of Milliken cable;

5. Production of bundle construction telephone cable.

Production Line Main Technical Parameter:

1. Finished outer cable diameter 25~130mm

2. Cable pitch 200~8000mm

3. The maximum speed of the rotatory body and pay-off frame is 25r/min

4. Maximum traction line speed 40m/min

5. Maximum rotation speed of non-metallic tape wrapping head 800r/min

6. Non-metallic tape wrapping pitch (infinitely adjustable) 20~208mm

7. steel belt head maximum speed 400r/min

8. steel tape armored pitch infinitely adjustable

9. Pay-off reel specifications: Ф2500mm

10. Take-up reel specifications Ф4000mm

Production Line Layout:
Drum Twister

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