Building Wire & Cable

Cable Structure:

1*1.5mm2, 2*1.5mm2, 3*1.5mm2, 4*1.5mm2, 1*2.5mm2, 2*2.5mm2, 3*2.5mm2, 4*2.5mm2, 1*4mm2, 4*4mm2, 1* 6mm2, 4*6mm2, 5*6mm2

Composition equipment:

1) Drawing annealing: 17-mode copper medium drawing, 22-mode copper small drawing

2) Conductor stranding: 630 wire harness machine, 800 wire harness machine, 1250 wire harness machine

3) Insulation extrusion: 70+35/ 80+45 extruder

4) Cable forming machine: 1250/1+3 cable forming machine

5) Filler layer and outer jacket extrusion: 80+100 extruder

6) Loop forming and packaging: 1246 loop forming machine + heat shrink wrap + robot palletizing

7) Rewinding: 800 insulated rewinding line, 2500 insulated/sheathed rewinding line


Testing equipment provided

1) Digital bridge + bridge fixture

2) Withstand voltage tester (35.0kVA/7.0kV)

3) Wall thickness projector

4) Insulation resistance tester

5) Constant temperature water tank

6) natural ventilation aging test chamber

7) Pneumatic specimen slicer and dumbbell knife molds

8) Specimen slicer

9) Thermal extension test device

10) High temperature pressure test device

11) low-temperature stretch winding automatic intelligent testing machine

12) Winding anti-cracking (thermal shock) test device

13) Single wire and cable vertical combustion tester

14) Bending test machine

15) Load breaking iron core testing machine


Provide auxiliary equipment

1) Air compressor

2) Air-cooled chiller

3) Plate heat exchanger

4) Copper powder filter

5) Desktop cold welding machine

6) Handheld cold welding machine


In addition to providing the above equipment, we also have the professional ability to provide technical services, including project progress design, production process, equipment installation and commissioning, operation training, material use recommendations, etc., to meet the full range of needs from the raw materials directly out of the finished product, the customer can skip the equipment selection and understanding of the process and other cumbersome aspects, thus saving a lot of time, saving time, effort, worry, can become a strong support for rapid development of customers. It can be a strong support for the rapid development of customers.

Hengtai has more than 30 years' of experience in advanced cable machinery technology and has carried out a large number of construction line plant projects in China, South Africa, South America and other countries and regions. We provide customers with a full range of services and technical support, including assistance in the design of detailed cable structure, the provision of complete production equipment from drawing and annealing to coil packaging, the provision of routine, samples, and testing of all test equipment and the supply of all the raw materials required for the cable.

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