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Concentric Stranding Machine

Concentric Stranding Machine


Mainly used for copper, aluminum circular conductor stranding and drawing or fan-shaped conductor stranded pressure and steel core aluminum strand, aluminum alloy strand.

Main Technical Parameter:

1. Machine is designed for no-back-twist stranding and pressing of circular and sector shaped copper, Aluminum and ACSR conductors.

2. Machine with good frame structure rigidity, contributing to high running speed, fast and convenient loading, no turnover spool and etc.;

3. One wire per bobbin, plus simple and stable tension control, and the maximum operating line speed reaches 3 times that of the frame rigid stranding line;

4. Machine with automatic wire-break detection function will stop immediately when there is wire breaks;

5. PLC control is adopted, providing stable operation, reliable performance and high degree of automation.


1. Main transmission and driving system by Siemens S110;

2. The machine is controlled by Siemens PLC S7-300 series and operated on touch screen(10.4"Siemens).

3. The electrical system has a completely automatic safeguard;

4. Overload of take-up protection;

5. Low-air pressure protection;

6. Wire-breaking stop.

Technical arameter

Application Dia. of single Copper wireΦ1.7~Φ4.5mm
Application Dia. of single Alumium wireΦ1.8~Φ5.0mm
Application Dia. of single Alumium AlloyΦ1.7~Φ4.5mm
Max. stranded wire dia.Φ45mm
Lay length40~350mm(step-less adjust)
Max rotate speed500rpm
Max line speed100m/min
Max rewinding speed150~200m/min
Bobbin size of cage1100×500×200mm
Rewinding Pay-offΦ600×Φ1060×H1730mm
Cage rotate motorAC

Layout of concentic stranding machine:

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