80mm Sheath Extruder

80mm Sheath Extruder
Used for cable extrude or insulation.
Extruder Material: PVC, PE,LOSH,ZOSH
Technical Parameter:
L/D:26:1  Motor Power:75KW, Extruder Capacity Of PVC:260kg, PE Extrude Capacity:165KG

Machine Characteristic
Special Screw Design:
Special output flow path designed for melted plastic guarantee high quality of extrusion.
Heating tube technology has been used in screw design,It can strengthen cutting and also avoid decomposing by overheat. Accordingly the melting of plastic can be increased in order to obtain extrusion of plastic in high speed.
High Precision Temperature Control System
Perfect electric control system

Main parts brand:
Frequency converter: Germany Siemens.
Touch screen:  Siemens touch screen
PLC : Germany Siemens.
 Motor: Siemens frequency conversion AC motor.
Testing equipment: OD tester UK proton , Hetai; spark tester, UK proton.
Temperature controller: Japan RKC.
Bearing: Japan NSK.
Electric components:Germany Schneider brand
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Customer Feedback

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