Upper Beam Type Take-up

Upper Beam Type Take-up

Loading and unloading method is a portal movable structure, the pintle of the reel are driven by two motors via a cycloidal pinwheel reducer, each of the pintle can be lifted separately or simultaneously. It is equipped with mechanical protection and electrical protection devices and with accessories pintle design to meets the installation of different specifications of the bobbin; Bobbin clamping is realized by the motor, and it is equipped with mechanical protection and electrical protection device. Loading and unloading of the bobbin is very convenient.

The Take-up is the AC motor drive the gearbox to drive bobbin, and the gearbox is infinitely variable; Siemens 200 PLC+ imported Siemens governor is used to control the motor operation. The traverse pitch and bobbin information can be input in the control panel,PLC control with coil diameter calculation function can automatically control the tension and reverse direction. The traverse is driven by the motor to reduce the gear box and the guide wheel, to control the pitch of the traverse, and the gear box is directly connected to the traverse shaft;

2 method of the take-up control: torque control and speed control which can be manually switched.

Brake: with pneumatic butterfly brake, solenoid valve control.

Technical parameters

Reel diameter850/16001000/20001250/25001600/32002000/3600
Max flange diameter (mm)16002000250032003600
Min flange diameter (mm)8501000125016002000
Min overall width (mm)60060090011801500
Max overall width (mm)11801500190021202300
Min barrel diameter (mm)4005005008002500
Bore (mm)8080(100)80(100-125)80(100-125)200
Min wire diameter (mm)457820
Max wire diameter (mm)405070120140
Max rotation speed (RPM)7/17/377/17/377/17/377/17/376/12/22
Traverse range (mm)5-506-608-909-12020-140
Max reel weight (kg)60008000120001500020000

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