Extruder Trouble Shooting Guide

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Extruder Trouble Shooting Guide:


Possible Cause



Rough insulation

1. Oil or water on wire.

2. Too short land of die.

3. Insufficient filtration

4. Temperature too Low.

5. Insufficient cleaning from previous operation






Insulation off Center

1. Tip is worn or oversized and wont hold wire on center.

2. Die is worn and is out of round

3. Die or tip holder requires on center adjustment

4. Die loose in die holder.

5. Die size wrong-too small or large

6. Copper dust in tip retainer

7. Wire vibrating behind head

8. Die or tip holder not tight.(center bolt loose.)

9. Compound under centering bolts

10. Tip retainer not tight against tip allowing tip to revolve

11. Cold plastic



Excessive Blows

1. Check wire for excessive discoloration or contamination.

2. Check supply bobbin of copper for rusty flanges

3. Reduce % of color chips

4. Check felt wipes for excessive copper dust

5. Change screen pack



Wire loose on reels

1. Take-up dancer air-pressure too low

2.  Traverse speed too fast or slow

3.  Reel drum or flange bent

4.  Bad Bearing in take-up spindle allowing reel to vibrate

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