630/710 Rigid Stranders

Rigid Stranding Machine

Main Features:

1. The machine is used for stranding copper, Aluminum. Stranding unilay and reverse concentric, round, compressed, compacted or sector shaped conductors to be used for the cable manufacturing or for the Over Head Conductors.

2. Each stranding cage is individually driven by a motor, which is independently controlled, with rotating speed separately adjusted, through toothed pulley.
3. Provided with batch loader to load and unload the bobbins altogether.

4. Equipped with contant tension control system and intelligent brake system.

Line Main Parts:

Wire Guider1set
Stranding cageEach 1set
single wire pre-twistedEach 1set
Wire Closing and Press mold baseEach 1set
Meter Counter1set
Double wheel capstan 2000/25001set
Side/bottom Lumped loading system3set
Take up1set
Electric control system1set

Main Technical Date:

Machine ModelJLK-630JLK-710
Single Copper Wire Dia.Φ1.7~Φ4.5mmΦ1.7~Φ4.5mm
Single Alumium Wire Dia.Φ1.8~Φ5.0mmΦ1.8~Φ5.0mm
Single Alumium Alloy Wire Dia.Φ1.7~Φ4.5mmΦ1.7~Φ4.5mm
Max. stranded wire dia.Φ30-55mmΦ30-55mm
Lay length40~350mm(step-less adjust)40~350mm(step-less adjust)
Max rotate speed500rpm500rpm
Max line speed100m/min100m/min
Max rewinding speed150~200m/min150~200m/min
Pay off in Cage630710
Centre PayoffPND630/1600PND630/1600
Dual Wheel Capstan2000mm, 2500mm2000mm, 2500mm
Cage rotate motorSiemens AC MotorSiemens AC Motor
Stranding Cage Structure6B, 12B, 18B, 24B, 30B, 36B6B, 12B, 18B, 24B, 30B, 36B
Loading MethodSide loading or Bottom loadingSide loading or Bottom loading

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Rigid Stranding Machine Manufacturer Process in Workshop:

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