Rigid Frame Strander

Rigid Frame Strander:

The machine (with lumped loading device) is suitable for producing large length, compact ,bare Al/Cu wire, and ACSR, aluminum alloy wire and sector conductor. The machine is driven by separate motor for each cage and dual capstan; the stranding pitch can be adjusted by Touch screen.

Line Main Parts:

Wire Guider1set
Stranding cage 6B,12B, 18B, 24B, 30B, 36B Each 1set
single wire pre-twistedEach 1set
Wire Closing and Press mold baseEach 1set
Meter Counter1set
Double wheel capstan 2000/25001set
Side/bottom Lumped loading system3set
Take up1set
Electric control system1set

Main Technical Date:

Machine ModelJLK-630JLK-710
Single Copper Wire Dia.Φ1.7~Φ4.5mmΦ1.7~Φ4.5mm
Single Alumium Wire Dia.Φ1.8~Φ5.0mmΦ1.8~Φ5.0mm
Single Alumium Alloy Wire Dia.Φ1.7~Φ4.5mmΦ1.7~Φ4.5mm
Max. stranded wire dia.Φ30-55mmΦ30-55mm
Lay length40~350mm(step-less adjust)40~350mm(step-less adjust)
Max rotate speed500rpm500rpm
Max line speed100m/min100m/min
Max rewinding speed150~200m/min150~200m/min
Machine Running in Customer's plant:


Rigid Stranding Machine Manufacturer Process in Workshop:

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