Hanging type Take-up (Payoff)

Hanging type Take-up

The traversing take-up is of the hanging pintle portal design. The telescopic lifting arms are narrow, allowing good access to the reel when fastening the cable.

The take-up has two main components: the portal frame and the traversing carriage. The telescopic lifting arms are suspended from the moving carriage, which is wheel mounted on the beams. All pintles movements, up-down and in-out, are motorized.

The carriage traverses during operation to maintain a straight centerline of the cable entering the reel. The traversing pitch and turning points can be set by hanging control panel push-buttons.

The reel is dog-pin driven by a Vector controlled AC-motor over a 2-step gearbox. The main motor can be run with constant torque or controlled by either dancer or accumulator. The motor has forced ventilation and is equipped with an electromagnetic brake, working as holding brake or an emergency stop brake.

One set of pintles is included in the basic machine.

The guide rollers are suspended from the portal frame. The rollers are easily adjustable for different cable diameters.

All functions such as reel rotation, traversing, pintles movements and auto reel handling are activated and controlled from the hanging control panel.

Traversing of take-up

The beams of the take-up are long enough to allow the reels to be changed by the side of the production line. Two take-ups positioned behind each other is often the best solution for continuous production.

Automatic positioning of the carriage from the loading position to the production position and vice versa can be activated by a button. The full reel moves automatically to the reel change position. The reel is lowered and the pintles are opened. After the pintles are manually entered into the empty reel, a second button is activated and the reel is lifted and moved sideways to the working position.

Technical parameters:

Reel diameter1250/25001600/32002000/36002500/4200
Max flange diameter (mm)2500320036004200
Min flange diameter (mm)1250160020002500
Min overall width (mm)900118015001900
Max overall width (mm)1900212023002400
Min barrel diameter (mm)50080025002800
Bore (mm)80 (100-125)80(100-125)200200
Min wire diameter (mm)782030
Max wire diameter (mm)70120140160
Max rotation speed (RPM)7/17/377/17/376/12/226/12/22
Traverse range (mm)8-909-12020-14030-160
Max reel weight (kg)12000180002500030000

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