PVC Cable Extrusion Line

PVC Cable ExtrusioLine:

1. After Insulation can takeup to bobbin, as well as takeup to automatic coiling and packing machine will small cable coil;

2. After insulation the packing line can connect with cable coil wrapping machine or cable coil film heat shrink packing line;

3. Packing line can be choose with robot stacking or by manual;

4. Specific screws and barrels can be chosen to match the material for extrusion, such as PVC, PE, LSNH, Teflon, Nylon and etc.

5. Insulation line can be equipment with a co-extruder for color skinning and stripping purposes

6. Can competed with THHN insulation lines by including a tandem extruder for PA(Nylon) outer Jacketing.

7. Electric circuit control is from Siemens programmable controller(PLC).

8. Tem-control is from Japanese RKC series tem-controller &solidity repay(SSR).

9. Line also can connet with Auto Dual Reel Takeup, this can speed up the line speed achieve Max. 1000m/min

Extrusion Function:


Line Takeup Method:

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