C1246 Winding Machine for photovoltaic and conventional power wires or cables and wrapping film

C1246 Coiling and Packing Line


Interconnected machines to produce rolls of yarn and similar, packed with heat shrink film, with capacity to produce rolls with external diameter of maximum 300mm and adjustable height from 50 to 100mm, with maximum speed of 200 m/min, automated and controlled by PLC, equipped with: unwinder with wire feed speed control, pneumatic brake and 18.5KW motor; vertical accumulator for approximately 25m of wire, with accumulator wheels, tension controller, precision angle detection device and 2.2KW motor; vertical tensioner with 3-slot rolling wheel and 400mm diameter and adjustable tension control; winding machine with meter counting device, horizontal winding head controlled by pneumatic pusher, cross spreading device driven by servo motor, double cutting device driven by air pressure, clamping mechanism and roll transfer by conveyor belt; heat shrink film wrapping machine with photo electric device, heat sealing knife with heating plate, film length control device, pneumatic mechanism; main and secondary electrical panels.

Machine Photos:
Left payoff Layout of 1246 Packing Line

Model: C1246


Manufacturer: WUXI HENGTAI (HNT)

Country of origin: China

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