Copper Armouring Machine

Copper Armouring Machine

The purpose of this production line is the application of a helical layer of copper or aluminium wires over a cable core. The final products is mainly a low voltage cable to connect low voltage consumer by the power utility, where the phase conductor is the central aluminium conductor and the neutral conductor is the wire layer. The final product can also be a medium voltage cable and the copper wires are the cable shied.

The electrical synchronous control consists of touch screen, PLC and AC servo control system. The touch screen displays various parameters and also can be stetted. The PLC participates in the armor speed and pitch control. The encoder feedback information to the PLC in real time, PLC control armor Speed and pitch accuracy; ensure that the pitch is within the set range.

Machine Technical Parameter:

cable diameter range20mm to 60mm60mm to 160mm
Taping Overlap0-50%0-50%
Rotate Speed500r/min500r/min
Taping Pitch9-160mm9-160mm
Taping Tension2.5-15daN2.5-15daN
Material of TapeWater Proof Tape, Copper Tape, Buffering Tape, Plastic Tape etc.


Payoff1 set
Section to section device1 set
Taping Machine2 set
Meter Counter1 set
Belt Caterpillar1 set
Take-up1 set
Electric Control Ststem1 set



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